Bustle Writer Finds That No-Lather WEN Creates Big Shiny Hair

Emily McClure has been cursed with fine, frizzy and unmanageable hair and longs for Hollywood hair. She’s seen those famous Facebook ads where celebrities use WEN hair no-lather shampoo for big, bouncy, shiny tresses. So, Emily decided to try out a 7-day WEN hair challenge and hope the unique cleansing conditioners could transform her limp • Read More »

Securus Technologies: Helping Inmates and Correctional Officers

Inmates, visitation, and communication are not the simplest things to monitor for the criminal justice system. Correctional facility officers are there to ensure that the inmates are safe, but this proved hard sometimes. But Securus Technologies decided to step in and help both the inmates and the correctional facility officers in an effective way. Securus • Read More »

FreedomPop Makes Texting Easier With WhatsApp

FreedomPop is the best place for people to go when they know that they do not want to spend too much on their cell phone, and they also need to make sure that they have given themselves some time to get something that is more functional for their daily lives. That means they need to • Read More »

The Delicious Products Provided By Beneful

The dog food industry is a multi billion dollar industry with more and more companies entering the market everyday. With the industry becoming more and more competitive, companies are looking for new ways to sell their products and to show pet owners that their dog food is the best brand to buy. With food sold • Read More »

Brian Bonar and His Accomplishments

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was recently named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the year in finance. There are only two male and female members in each discipline who get this particular Executive of the Year Award. The honorees are selected by a committee. The committee selects honorees • Read More »

Beneful Revamping Dog Food Recipe

Pets are so much a part of American families, feeding them quality food is always a priority. A year ago one of the biggest names in dog food had some unfortunate rumors spread that resulted in a class action lawsuit. The Huffington Post has posted an interview with two of the top names associated with • Read More »

Fabletics gives Customers More Choices

Kate Hudson has managed to do something that a lot of other clothing companies are unable to do. She is someone that is able to push forth a lot of clothing that did not exist before her company came into existence. Activewear has been around for a while, but Fabletics is the front runner for • Read More »

Making Your Online Presence Even Better

Reputation Management is very important online. Many people have had their careers adversely affected by information that appears online that may or may not be true. It can also affect their personal life in detrimental ways too. For this reason, they need to be sure that they keep an eye on what is being pulled • Read More »

Beneful Sells Numerous Unique Wet, Dry, and Treat Dog Foods

Dogs do eat and will eat a lot. A steady supply of food is necessary for a canine to remain healthy. Generic food, however, might not be anywhere near enough to ensure a canine get the right number of nutrients. Purina’s Beneful dog food line is a premium brand of gourmet selections. Those hoping to • Read More »