Doe Deere’s Journey To Growth As A Makeup Businesswoman

Countless companies have looked at Doe Deere because of what she has accomplished over the years with her very own makeup startup company. She began Lime Crime with the hopes of giving women more color and opportunities. Lime Crime started off as a place to give women the chance to look shinier and brighter, and • Read More »

Zika Cases Rise in Venezula

There is no denying the fact that the World in general has been extremely worried about the spread of the Zika virus, which is a virus that is spread via mosquitos, although it may also be spread from person to person. While Brazil remains the country that has the most number of cases, Venezula now • Read More »

Skout: A Fantastic App Serving A Great Cause

Skout is a solid app that is perfect for people interested in meeting others. The app helps people connect for dating, friendship, and simple correspondence. Skout’s good fortune and popularity has allowed the company to become involved with charitable endeavors. PR Newswire is reporting on an interesting joint venture between Skout and the SF-Marin Food • Read More »

Rapid Growth in the New York City Area

RE/MAX founder, Dave Liniger, is making his way to the New York real estate market and he’s hoping to increase the real estate business through the prominent well-funded state. He knows the market well, and understands the potential that New York carries, but also knows that it can be a difficult market. He is going • Read More »

Female College Student Fights Against Abuse Through Wikipedia

A twenty one year old college student is fighting against the abuse and gender bias she is receiving online in a creative and constructive way. Every time that Loyola University in Chicago student Emily Temple-Wood is harassed on the web she vents her frustration and anger by creating a Wikipedia article entry about a female • Read More »

Stephen Murray: How To Choose The Best Investment Firm

Are you researching investment opportunities and not sure how to go about it? Looking to get into private equity investment and need someone to guide you? Perhaps you want to know why CCMP Capital is your clear choice when it comes to investment related matters. When choosing an investment firm or financial advisor, it is • Read More »

The U.S. Money Reserve Has Made Buying Bullion And Coins Easier

The U.S. Money Reserve reported by CBS 19 has now made investigating and purchasing coins and metals much easier. They have dramatically update their website with e-commerce capabilities as well as with other interesting applications and tools. Potential customers can find out more about the various metals on the website with the knowledge center application. • Read More »

Will George Soros’ Dire Forecast Come True?

It is looking like the economy may not be recovering after all. In fact, it might be just a matter of time before yet another severe downturn strikes. This downturn could have the potential to put many people out of work and cause investors to lose large amounts of money. A European investor named George • Read More »